The HHS-Host of Sparrows Project is very proud to announce that we have acquired a huge, although tragic, piece of Kansas history. In 1978, a paddle wheel riverboat called the “Whippoorwill” was on a dinner cruise on Pomona Lake with 58 souls on board. It was hit by a tornado and capsized, resulting in 16 fatalities and the worst water tragedy in KS history.

Sailors, back in the days of Pirate ships, believed that Sparrows guided their souls to Heaven when they died. Many would get Sparrow tattoos, in order for the Sparrows to find them should they ever be lost at sea.

Since this boat has had 16 souls pass while onboard, it has surely been the Host of many Sparrows. 

Since this boat will be dedicated to providing charity cruises to terminal children and their families, it surely will be the host of many sparrows in the future.

Mission: The HHS-Host of Sparrows’ mission will be three-fold. First and foremost, it will be to preserve, commemorate and assuage the tragedy that has occurred aboard this historic yet tragic piece of KS history, as a monument of honor and respect towards the lives lost and the families and communities impacted by this tragic loss.

In that spirit, we feel its secondary mission should be to share joy, create memories and bring a little magic to life to those who have yet to get any kind of fair shake in life to this point.

Once per quarter, hopefully more often, we plan to invite disadvantaged, foster, disabled and terminally ill children, along with their families, to come to play Pirates with us on an all-expenses-paid fantasy cruise to Never Neverland!

Our third mission objective will be to provide a variety of commercial charter services, promoting tourism to the State, Lake Perry Reservoir, and the surrounding communities.

Additionally, promoting Parks and Wildlife preservation, educational tours for schools, and encouraging education and reading.