These children and families are struggling to cover basic needs, medical bills, and legal bills or in the case of foster children, simply have no one who will or can give them a break from the soul-crushing pressure they feel every single moment of their lives. 

Making lifelong memories or simply just having a day to play is always the last thing on the list for them and they never seem to be able to get to it.

Families with a terminally ill child have time rapidly running out to make lasting memories, the siblings feel like they are last on the list, foster children get lost in a broken system, disadvantaged children are more concerned with getting a meal than getting to play and disabled children are fighting just to be accepted. Who has time to be a kid and just go play?

Imagine being a Mother or Father, fighting for every penny to try anything to save your child. What money is left for them to go make memories with their child before they lose them. 

How about being the Brother or Sister? You understand why you don’t get to go do anything fun so you do your best to help and never let your parents see how much you are hurting too! Never complaining about not getting to go make memories with the family.

Just having a day for the family to get to smile for once, get to make memories with the family member they are about to lose but with each other as well, gives the smallest of hope. Just maybe it helps to show the sick child what they are fighting for and helps them to fight another day. If the magic works, maybe they even gain the strength to beat it! At worst, they see that someone cares about them, and they don’t have to walk that dark path alone.